• Brazen Head
  • Firkin and Flyer
  • Mill St.
  • Captain Morgan
  • 3 Monts
  • Disraeli
  • Maison funéraire Audet
  • Clinique dentaire Benoit Giard
  • Trophy Anthony Calvillo
  • Fromagerie Hamel
  • Retired Numbers - Centennial Plaza Montreal Canadiens
  • Central Monument - Centennial Plaza Montreal Canadiens
  • Ste-Praxède
  • Disraeli Paroisse
  • Pizza Ville
  • Rickard's Mirror
  • Rickard's Master
  • Rickard's board
  • Coorslight
  • Coca-Cola
  • Club de Golf de l'Île de Montréal
  • MDV
  • Hampton Inn
  • Robin Hood Camp
  • Rogatien Vachon
  • 4 holes button
  • Bonisoir
  • Mackenzie Dental Health
  • Prestige Giftbox
  • Excavations Gagnon et frères inc.
  • Marché du Quartier
  • Open Range Farm
  • S.A. Wilson
  • Disraeli 150th Mural


Original Design combines design and manufacturing under one roof.


Our special passion lies in heritage graphic styles, especially from the century spanning 1850-1950. Antiques, advertisements from the era and old prints are a constant source of inspiration.

We design:

Decorative signs
Ornamental ironwork
Historical murals
Decorative structures

See a few samples of our creations.


Among our many clients are architects, commercial developers/planners, project managers and designers.

We are comfortable in a wide variety of techniques and materials:

3D Sculpture
Surface texturing
All kinds of finishing

We carry out your project to your specifications or according to the plans or blueprints you provide. Before the production stage, we submit mock-ups, prototypes or samples for approval from project decision-makers.