Original Design, the Company Profile

petit-martinMy father taught me the fundamentals of hand lettering and graphic design when I was young. His hobby soon became my passion. When I was a teenager I took on small contracts for relatives and friends, and by 1990
I was ready to start my first company, KalligraphArt. I specialised in hand lettering and calligraphy. I developed a wide range of artistic techniques to satisfy my constant desire to learn and innovate.

I began to incorporate calligraphy sculpture, bas-relief and 3D techniques to the signs I produced in those early years, and explored many different types of materials. Was I self-taught? Well, yes. However, a long list of people with specialised expertise believed in my abilities and under their guidance, my style and techniques were refined. I will be forever grateful for what they taught me. By the late 1990s, I was taking on much more important projects, and new staff members were added to meet the needs of my growing list of clients.

New technologies began to have a drastic impact on our work in 1998. But we continue to believe in the craftsmanship roots of our trade. Our creativity brings art and technology together, and sets us apart from most other sign companies. The many prizes and honourable mentions we have been awarded in national competitions attest to our creative flair and dedication.

In 2000, KalligraphArt was incorporated, and our field of activities expanded yet again. We even created a new category we call “special projects” for work that doesn’t fit into the simple sign category. We also made the decision to abandon the residential market in order to devote ourselves more fully to businesses and institutions.

In 2005, we moved into our current premises and effectively doubled our workplace area. Our production capacity has grown phenomenally ever since.

By 2007 it was obvious that our company needed a new name, one that would better reflect the scope and diversity of our activities.

In 2010, we became Original Design. For a look at our skills and a few of our creative achievements, click on Gallery.

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Martin Blanchard, President